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My new update (I am back in the community)
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My good friend Damian Nightwalker (D) inspired me by a comment he made in the VCN (which also inspired me to rejoin the community). What is the point of bitching and complaining about things? We all should use our efforts instead on making differences so I have decided to try stop complaining so much when that does not change a damn thing. I am done letting people drag me down despite my bipolar and severe depression and leaving something never solves anything really it just makes you a quitter and that is not me...

Depression and Anxiety
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I had an anxiety attack and almost lost my bank account a few days ago because I thought they ware taking my savings and I didn't understand why I am having such money issues. On top of that I have been so depressed because it seems as though my Temple site is dying and barely has activity anymore and I don't have any real friends (besides some online acquaintances)...


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