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Sigh; things are not looking so good anymore and I have only one good thing to look forward to in my life which is only one lousy night. Then what is there? Everything else is falling apart: The local scene has nothing concrete and my temple might I might as well just let it go but I just keep wasting my money on something only I have faith in and put all my effort in with nothing going for it. I'm sorry but today when I woke up I could only cry because I'm truly miserable and I am starting to wish I was no longer i this dead dying area - I need to find a better place for me but what chance do I have when I am stuck and my purpose is pretty much gone? 

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Fiction often has some facts in there some where. I remember when Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a popular series. It was of course mostly fake like all fiction; however there where a few things that have truth in it. One of my favorites was the season 5 as Glory: who is a Goddess in a human body and because of this she must feed on humans brains psychically. After she does this they go crazy. I believe this to be true and luckily there most known Vampyres would never attempt this because we are not as powerful as she was or as selfish and egotistical. That however is why I do not worship any Gods or Goddesses; when you do this the energy contained in your worship and adoration feeds them. I have written about this earlier and am sure I am not the first to come to this conclusion but it amazes me that that was brought up in the show…


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