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Zombie Christians following a Vampire God...
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"Christian Zombie Vampires" God the Father - the Father of Nothing...

*God controls and owns your soul like a Voodoo practitioner and controls there actions as he sucks there soul dry like the Matrix feeding on his followers!!!*

WHEN IS IT OUR DAY TOO? Tags: world goth day world vampire vampyre vampyr vampyres vampires

~ Question of the day: Today or technically yesterday but most goths don't actually start till after dark is (was) "World Goth Day" May 22. So my Question is when is "World Vampire Day"? I mean grilled guess even has a day for Pete's sake - April 12th, is apparently National Grilled Cheese Day? I heard it said a few places that November is our month? But couldn't find proof on that or that we have a day or month at all? Although I have also heard that June 14 was national Blood day? But that doesn't make it technically a Vampire day since that is not all that we are about really. So does anyone know if we have a day and if not - why the hell not? ~

New York and Jersey Sucks but BlutEngel Rocked my world:
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New York and Jersey Sucks but BlutEngel Rocked my world:

I was anticipating the concert forever it seemed but I am I am actually surprisingly relieved to be back in the boring BUT panic free state of Ohio. Although the trip though state of Pennsylvania was long as hell, the trip through part of the shit of a state that is New Jersey sucked even worse, being in New York cause me many (many) Panic attacks, and there were a very (very) few let downs in the concerts - †IT WAS SO MAJORLY WORTH THE IT! I have not been to hardly very many good concerts if many concerts but this one had to be the best I have ever been to! I went with my wife Amanda (Lady Aromaura), my good friend Julie Eberhart, and Tim Hinkle.

Pennsylvania was a very long but lovely state full of many, many nice trees and scenery! I have never been through the east coast at all but I will probably go back through the shit hole that is New Jersey or go to NYC ever again if I can help it. I couldnít even take a RR stop in Jersey because the gas station was locked up and this was around 3pm? Then we finally got to NY and getting through the Holland Tunnel was less than fun but memorable. I know next time I wonít book my hotel with Orbits but directly with the hotel because hotel Pennsylvania charged me an extra 267 something for god knows what; Orbits also did not let them know I canceled my extra day a month in advance! I swear they better get this issue fixed and fast!

NYC was way too crowded and chaotic for my Anxiety issues; I am actually surprised I survived the trip myself. I was so glad to get out of that city and BlutEngel is most likely the only band I will ever do that for. When we arrived at the concert Rebel had a very strange way of disorganizing the ticket line combining the regular admission and the VIP ticket holders and even though I was VIP at first I ended up at the end of the line? The VIPs where supposed to get in the concert at 8pm but they didnít split up the line until almost 9pm. I purchased 2 VIP tickets and 1 regular admission Tim bought off me but they only had me on the list as having 1 VIP and 1 regular admission (which I bought first and then the other VIP later) for some reason? The admission Lady was very understandable about the mistake and figured it out in decent pretty quickly. I just felt bad about holding up the line. But we got in and the staff was very nice and helpful with everything.

Chris Pohl was not feeling well before the show unfortunately so we had to wait until after the show to get our signed posters and meet the band but it was good he could rest up before the show so he could put on a good one. The lady at the bar did not know how to make the blood bath drink and I didnít bring the recipe but that was ok because I told her how to put together a Red Death and damn she made it strong which is good since they were 10 dollars each for both of our RDís. I finished my drink quickly as usual (I can never seem to milk a red death, lol) and Amanda needed me to finish hers so I was a bit tipsy while dancing before the concert but I was told by Lady Azraelina as well as my Amanda I danced very well and had great rhythm still. The DJs the I heard all did great sets and I was thrilled to hear Christian Death, The Cure and other old school Goth I never hear anymore in Columbus! I just wish I had more room to do my full dance.

The concert took forever to start and my legs hurt before it even started but it was a wonderful show even though there was no blood shower and only 2 of the girls came to the US show. Miss Construction did a great set and his outfit was amazing (Jealous) but they used way too much strobe lights at the show and Amanda was having issues, had to go to the back, and missed the BlutEngel show L but she was OK after she left the area. I kept texting her to make sure she was OK. BlutEngel came on and I was amazed; I never thought I ever actually get to see them live! I was surprised I didnít fall over in my extremely difficult boots but at least I was no longer tipsy from the drinks.

They did an amazing show and even managed to do 3 extra songs despite Chris not feeling so well but some how I think the crowd at the show was the reason he did so well not to mention I sent him some of the energy I received to make sure he would be OK. Of all the songs they did EngelsBlut was the most energizing song they did and it really got the place jumping. After the show the bathroom lines where packed so I was like I will just wait till I get home (it didnít bother me after a while, LOL) and for some reason it took a while to find the room where the VIP meet and greet was to happen but I managed. Luckily there was a huge rest room up there that there was no line for so I finally got to go. I finally got to meet my idol Chris Pohl, spoke with him briefly, and even got a picture with him! The other 2 band members where there as well and I even got a picture with Ulrike Goldmann!

I decided to leave right after meeting them and saying bye to Lady Azraelina because I wanted to get away from the crowds and see Amanda because I was worried about her. I got back to our room but it was almost impossible to fall asleep after such an exciting event and there was too much energy in the NYC air! I eventually dosed off but was told by Amanda I was talking in my sleep so I must have not completely tired out LOL. I was very tired packing for home and the City wasnít as awake as yesterday but the weather wasnít so good as well. At least the traffic leaving wasnít nearly as bad leaving NY as it was getting there. It was a long trip home but we made great time (getting home never takes as long as getting to an event you canít wait for of course). I was so glad to be home from the NYC chaos but sad that the event was done still and could not get to bed right away. I had to pamper the cat a bit since we were gone so long and he was crying so I gave him a can and gave him much love. It took me forever to finally get to sleep but took some valerian for my pain (leg, arm, foot) and to help me sleep so I got there all the same. †††

© Vampyrian Father J P Vanir††

The majority of this pictures were taken by

Heather Luttenberger:

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*Bloody Pleasures:

*Love killer:†

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Tags: sex honey orgasm sugar cum nectar bee hive sweet

There is honey
In my hive
Waiting for
You to arrive

Liquid oozing
Drops of honey
Sweet and soothing
Warm and sunny

From my hive
Liquid gold
Nectar in
Every fold

Droplets forming
So mouth warming
Tiny combs
Of sugar gnomes

To be captured
With great rapture
So fulfilling
Sugar spilling

Suckle and savor
Enjoy the flavor
Your mouth, the dipper
Of my honeydripper

by Arizona Flame

Ink Blot # 271 Pretty Much Dead On Computer
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Wow. It's been ages since I last blogged.†
Where I left off was a few days before my birthday.†
So my sister was in the hospital for a little over a week with a staph infection and shingles in her eye. For those of you who don't know what shingles are it's an adult form of the chicken pox. So pretty much anyone who's had chicken pox before age one is more likely to have shingles. It's brought on by a lot of different things and for my sister it seemed to have been stress.†
Anyways to make a long story short, I pretty much went to the DMV to renew my ID, then I went to Toys R Us with my mum, Hoopla and Chip. They got some Lego mini figures and I got two plush Scar thingies. One of them was really really tiny and the other one was a small but good sized one. Then we had to get milk and some other stuff and a shit ton of candy for my sister (which was pretty fucked up that she asked for it all on my birthday instead of the day before or the day after) and then we dropped off the perishable food and then we had lunch at the Rady's Children Hospital cafeteria. Peeked in to say hi to my sister, came back home where I spent the rest of the day watching my little brothers while mum went back to the hospital and fat ass didn't do shit to help and my brother like always wasn't home.†
After that I was really depressed because I really wanted to just have the day to myself with my mom kinda like a mommy and me day but of course bad shit always has to befall me.†
Then on top of that a lot of my friends forgot my birthday completely and half of them didn't even bother to wish me a happy birthday. So that made it even worse.†
And after all that I've just been really really busy with school and trying not to let myself get way to depressed. Being exhausted is no fun especially when I'm pretty much on my feet for more than 5 hours 4 days out of the week. Even more so since I've never done that before.†
On a side note aside from a shitty birthday, horrible hours at school and being exhausted, I've really been trying to get out of this bout of writer's block I've been having.†
I don't know how to explain it but I'll get an idea for something and I'll actually start writing and then I take a break (or I start class) and later on the bus or the next day to class, while I'm waiting for class and on the bus I have no inspiration, no desire to write. And it really bugs me because later as I'm falling asleep I'll get ideas to write and by then I'm too tired or I just don't want the light of my laptop (or Ipoot) to break the darkness in my room.†
Also nothing really out of the ordinary has happened. Well unless you count me and a friend who is currently in Hawaii both did laundry at the same time and both our clothes were still damp.†
Oh yeah but my phone has been going into airplane mode all by itself and its more annoying than anything.†
I guess with all the excitement of this semester has pretty much dulled my "sensitivity" to things.†
Also since I found out financial aid will not be paying for summer classes I get pretty much the summer off which is what I wanted, so I'll get to spend a lot more time with Steph (after finals of course) and not deal with keeping up a farce of going to classes.†
I also will need that time to get my room organized and clear it up and decided what I want (or will most likely be able to take with me) and what needs to go into storage when I leave. But that won't be til after finals as well since I have this week, next week and finals week.†
Anyways I think that's it for today. I dunno when the next update will happen.†
Doubt any one really cares about this shit lol.†
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