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Venus in Heart of Sun
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Greetings, and it is a pleasure and honor to be back in the Temple ~

M.Kelley Hunter is the author of this work, and she is my favorite Lilith Astrologer. Everyone who is drawn to the Dark Goddess realizes that Astrology, Tarot and the Tree of Life , which is actually Lilith's Tree ~ cannot be separated, as they form an integral magickal system.

An incomplete knowledge of Astrology , particularly in relation to the placement of Planets and other heavenly bodies on the natal chart,  can compromise one's magickal work..

By studying the past, and comparing it to the present, one can divine the future to a certain extent.

To find out more, visit


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The FULL MOON in GEMINI-SAGITTARIUS on June 4 (7:12am EDT, 12:12pm GDM) is a partial eclipse that follows that special Ring of Fire eclipse two weeks earlier on May 20.

Have you stretched your butterfly wings? Butterflies flutter by, but many are also capable of long trans-oceanic flights—that's endurance! With the Full Moon in Sag, long distances are called for, be they journeys around the world, of the imagination or toward new horizons. We cross boundaries, whether of borders, mental concepts or belief systems. 

On May 20, the gong of a Tibetan bell announced the eclipse moment, as well as the opening of a social gathering at Barefoot Buddha, a community hub as well as a great cafe and health restaurant. A lot of "movers and shakers" were there to fundraise for our local Family Services agency, as well as to celebrate the budding organic farming movement in the Virgin Islands. We feasted on great food almost entirely grown by these farmers: a green salad included three types of kale, arugula, cranberry hibiscus leaves and highly nutritious leaves from the Maringa tree. My favorite treat was roasted kale chips with plantains, stuffed banana peppers. Many more tasty treats included fresh lobster and local fish for non-vegetarians. We met the farmers and discussed ways to support these few committed growers beyond government apathy, with the goal of self-sufficiency for these remote islands, off in the leeward corner of the Caribbean. The heart connecting, information sharing and networking opened new options and possibilities, a veritable mind-bank of revolutionary will. 

There were so many other special social gatherings around the globe, including eclipse parties in Asia and the US West. Whatever you were doing on that New Moon opens wider in the light of this Full Moon, and turns more surely in a new direction. The party continues with Mercury and Venus, both in Gemini. There is so much networking going on, the phone lines, cell phone towers and internet are buzzing! This will turn into a domino effect, as one piece of information leads to another, connecting us with information and people needed to make our next move. 

Another event I attended was the United Astrology Congress, an international meeting of over 1200 astro-friendly folk, from the professional to the curious. It was informative and fun, taking the world of astrology to a new level via media attention. Planet Waves reporter Eric Francis conducted ongoing interviews all week. Scroll down to my interview about Lilith at By they way, I was in that Venus flash mob in his photo, but you can't see me. 

A producer and camera man were filming astrologers for a TV astrology show pilot and, most important, USA Today and CNN both reported on the final panel of 5 well-regarded astrologers who all agreed that Barack Obama would win the 2012 Presidential election. A similar panel in 2008 was 100% correct! 

So! on to this Full Moon eclipse energy which shifts things into even more new perspectives, some beyond our imagination. The Dragon eats the Moon, according to some cultures, but the Dragon has got to poop it out again! (A little humor here, a la make lemons into lemonade or more to the point, making sticky pollens into honey.) And this is not just about networking and new perspectives. This is an ACTION eclipse— MARS is smack dab in-between the Sun and Moon and, even more closely dancing a spicy tango with VENUS, the "star" of the show. 

For the very next day, the rare Venus transit shows us 
VENUS IN THE HEART OF THE SUN. Every 8 years for about 120 years, Venus is retrograde in Gemini. The last time was in 2004 when, for the first time in about 120 years, Venus passed across the face of the Sun from our point of view. It happens again this year, and this will be the last time for over a century. This special event only takes a few moments, and you need daylight to see it. The US East coast will be dark, at around 9:10pm EDT. Again eastern Asia, the Pacific and the western US wins out, as it did for the New Moon eclipse. Get out your solar filters! 

We can all celebrate and tune in at a heart level. We can imagine the Biblical "woman clothed with the Sun," the glory of the goddess haloed in the Sun's shine. If you are not mythic-minded, feel the Sun gold of your heart light radiate in resonance with what is most lovely, delightful, fulfilling, joyful, beautiful, satisfying, sweet, rewarding, valuable, happy-making in your life. Appreciate loved ones, the beauties of life. Gratitude and appreciation, even for small things, are more powerful emotions than we often think. 

This Venus transit in Gemini keeps the "good, good, good, good vibrations" of the eclipses going strong, opening the pathway for love to infuse our lives with well-being. I think of all Venus retrograde cycles (5 such cycles in 8 years) as an opportunity to "upgrade" our emotional well-being and joy quotient. This retrograde takes place in the Gemini sector in your chart. Every 8 years, the goddess calling you in: "Let's talk. Things can be better here. Feel it, make it so." As I wrote last time, if you look back (if you can remember!) to May-June 2004, 1996, 1988, 1980, 1972, etc. etc. you may find a repeating theme. Just to consider what was going on at those times, and feel the difference of where you are now. [See Venus Astro special below} 

As Venus "rules" money and value (and the value of money), I feel that this can be a financial reset, that if we each do our consciousness work to really invite in what is for the highest good, we can energetically make a huge difference. It's like voting with our happiness button! Shine yours up. I don't mean this in a superficial way; I mean it in a radiant way, that you shine your light. We can bring it to the next level. This may mean dissatisfaction with certain aspects of current culture, like printers that don't work, or consumerized strip malls that blight the landscape with ways to spend your money. Or relationships that no longer resonate. Venus turns direct on June 27, after which we have another month to really integrate and share what we intend to do about what we are feeling. 

Meanwhile this eclipse brings Mercury into a fine alignment with Saturn, furthering the conversations, bringing many voices together to share ideas. New options are discovered that offer workable solutions that promise progress. Check out any TEDx gatherings in your area, where local leading edge thinkers open dialogue in a forum that just bursts with great networking opportunities. 

The end of June is quite juicy, and I'll write more about that for the JUNE 19 NEW MOON. But I must give you a heads up about this date: on the 23-24th, Uranus and Pluto form their first exact square for a revolutionary power initiative. This is the first of several as this dynamic duo "kicks butt" well into 2015. No time to slouch. Keywords are UNITY as we, the people, rise to the cosmic call for transformation and take it into our hands. We each have our particular, authentic response to this call. 

An eclipse is indicated by the NODES of the MOON, also known as the Head and Tail of the Dragon of Destiny. For this eclipse, they still in a turning point dynamic with CHIRON-NEPTUNE in PISCES, especially Neptune, just turning retrograde on this very day. We need great mutability in these days, as in "go with the flow." We'll get a chance to catch our breath, like sea turtles or dolphins come up for air. 

Our faith may be tested. I started writing this in the Miami airport, where the weather caused delays and cancellations. C'est la vie. I experienced only a hour or two of delay, but many people had been here for hours to find their planes cancelled. They gave up or rebooked, then to wait for the storm to pass. In these circumstances, if we can keep our good humor and smile at people, it can feel like a big party. Is it all "meant to be?" 

In just a few days (the 11th), Jupiter moves into Gemini, for the next 12 months. The party of connectivity moves along; the domino effect amplifies. Venus and Jupiter will reunite in the morning sky, forwarding the domino effect. What a game. Gemini doesn't take it too seriously. The call of the eclipse is to find our direction and keep our course steady, not get too scattered, not be buffeted by just any wind or passing point view or flavor of the day. 

Aim your Sagittarian arrow from the heart and tell the tale, share the pearls of wisdom, the visions, the dreams that come to you. Let's put them all in a big pot and stir them up and see what we come up with. 

ASTRO-SPECIAL for the VENUS TRANSIT—Let's look at the goddess calls you to re-evaluate. We'll focus on this Gemini section of your chart. It doesn't matter whether you have planets there or not. We will follow the trail in your chart to glean the meaning in the larger context of what is going on. 30 minutes special, $75 (with MP3 download, +$5 for mailed CD). Starting June 8 for the rest of the month. 

SOON TO COME: More audio presentations and discussion opportunities. Stay tuned. 

July 20-22 weekend workshop at DREAMING MOUNTAIN RETREAT CENTER in East Johnson, Vermont. A creatively exploratory weekend combining Astrology with Kelley Hunter and Creative Source Painting with Susan Green. More info to come. Start your investigation at 


​The Lunar eclipse tonight 4/6/2012, offers the rare chance to see a cosmic manifestation of Goddess Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld, and Dark Sister of the Goddess Inanna, also known as Venus and Aphrodite.

​Ereshkigal is also known as Al'lat, the Arabian Great Goddess. Al'lat is also known as Aleilat, and the Arabian peoples once recognised two sides to every Deity; one Dark, and one Light.

​This meant that every Goddess and God has a masculine and feminine polarity, which intermingle constantly in different proportions to create Life. As Death is a temporary phase , or spoke, in the infinite Wheel of Life, Death was never feared , in fact, Death is celebrated as the beginning of the greatest adventure of a lifetime.


If you stay in the center,

and embrace Death with your 

whole heart,

you will endure forever" 

~ Lao Tsu


​This Eclipse of the Moon precedes the once every 120 year Transit of Venus, as the red planet of Love and Death passes in front of the sun. One could use the opportunity to utilize these energies to effect a transformation on various levels within, at this time.

​Although Venus and Aphrodite have been considered by many since classical times as purely the Love Goddess; in ancient times, our ancestors viewed the Goddess Inanna/Venus as the younger Sister of Lilith, the great-ancestress of all Serpent and Bird Goddesses.

​Lilith is the Great Goddess of Death and Love, and although the Goddess has many Names, over the millennia, the Death Goddess has carried on doing what is Natural, despite any temporary patriarchal interferences .


"Just realise where you come from;

​this is the essence of Wisdom"

~ Lao Tsu, Taoist Mystic and Spiritual Master


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Well nothing really has happened in the last week since my last blog. 
Other than my mum and Tia wanting to throw me a good bye party. Decided to have it at my Nana's apartment complex because there are grills, picnic benches, pool and we can use Nana's fridge to cool stuff while we get the coolers and ice. 
As far as food mum said whatever is on sale. So I'm guessing either hamburgers and hotdogs or carne asada and pollo asada. 
Personally I don't really care as long as I get to make puff pastries. Weeee! I'm prolly gonna make the pastry cream the night before that way it'll be set and ready for piping once the puff pastry shells are cool. 
Aside from that I went to Old Town yesterday with Moose. We went to the (in)Famous Whaley House. I took a shit ton of pictures with my digital camera. It was pretty awesome to see how people lived in San Diego, CA about 100 or so years ago. 
I was totally in love with the tea sets and china that was in the house. 
There were only two "rooms" in the house that I felt uncomfortable being near since we weren't allowed inside the rooms. It was the study and one of the bedrooms for the girls. Aside from that there wasn't much else other than feeling slightly claustrophobic because the house (despite being called a Manor) was really tiny and there was a good hand full of people in there as well. 
As far as it being haunted I'm pretty sure that it's been so long that the Whaley's spirits have just faded into time as most spirits of really old haunted houses. 
All in all it was a good time, cheap admission. For both me and Moose it was an even 12$. Slightly informative and just great for having a good time. 
Then after the Whaley house we went to a small cemetery that  about a block or so away. We took pictures of the graves and chilled for a bit. 
After that we hiked back up to Moose's car and stopped by some old Victorian houses. And fuuuuu they were beautiful. Amazing works of architecture of the time. Then she and I talked about getting a few more friends and going to buy a few acres of land out in the forest and have ourselves a little Victorian style village. 
That's when I started getting hungry. We first went to Denny's but the waitress took forever (I think she forgot about us) and then we went to In-n-Out (I'm so gonna miss their burgers when I'm out in PA) where Moose got a milk shake and I got a burger. Then she decided to go to Mc(Whities)Donalds so we could plug in my laptop to look at the pictures we took. But alas when we got there were no outlets. So I got a soda and she got a burger. We chilled for a bit more and then dropped me off. 
I finished reviewing my pictures that I took and was a bit sad to see some of them came out blurry because my camera was autofocusing. But the majority of them came out awesome. The only anomalies in the pictures were mostly reflections of myself, Moose or other people as well as light reflecting off the glass that keeps the rooms in pristine condition and light reflecting off shiny surfaces from the light, camera flash and other cameras.
That was a major bummer but still I got great photos. 
Also Owner got a new case for my iPoot which is so awesome and three of the new Tama-Go Tamagotchis. I'm having so much fun with just one. (Long story short the screwdriver I used to unscrew the green one now won't unscrew the blue or white ones its just weird). 
Anyways I guess that's about it for now. 
Until next time my deviously deviant fishies.

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