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Do Vampires Heal
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I have a few friends that know I am vampiric and often say that being unethical goes hand in hand with being a vampire. I am not unethical and nor do I think I am a vampire like most that they have met.  I have always felt that being who and what I am means a higher sense of responsibility to those around me , I hate using the term more power however saying that I have more control of my mind and energy than most would be better.  Part of controling the dragon within you is learning you have to teach those around you to control themselves. You have to learn you have to share who you are and what you know and then we are all the dragon who is within.
I heal those around me to feed. I can really only handle deep direct feeding from lifemates with a certain connection. My emotions and my mind feel ill otherwise. I heal those around me , I admit to having bad days where I do have to pick and send heal to feed but most days its more ambient . I heal anyone near me and receive heal back from them or feed from them feeling better and more healed.  I believe we all have these abilities no matter what your chosen label may be.  I encounter those who steal energy from people around them , I do not understand why you feel this is being a vampire, it is unnoble.  I am out and cold . I send a healing energy to feel and absorb their happiness and put it within me and heal them in return.  I warmed and had a mood change in about 10 min.  Is it vampiric to steal their warmth or feed from their emotions of happiness and or heal them? I do not think stealing means you a vampire.  Sitting at my computer half asleep wanting to try a new idea...or an old one... I send a request in magical thought to feel others emotions for a lite candle to run thru me. A short time later ..I send out how happy I am and ask the energy to chase and catalyst around those linked and link more.   A response , that is magic not vampirism..really?  In my mind my response is you need to relearn what being a vampire is and what it is not.
Does sharing mean you are metaphysical and not vampiric?
Does stealing mean you are a true vampire?
Does healing mean you are the opposite of a vampire and should
not use the lable?

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