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~Awaitingly I sit here longing for you~
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I'm looking toward the sky,

wandering if you see what I see.

A vast empty night because your not here beside me.

I Summon Thee my Incubus twin flame,

Hear the beat of my heavy heart.

Come to me my Incubus,

Look into my eyes.

See me my Incubus,

See my lonely soul that lies deep within.

I've fallen into your eyes,

Your soul holds me captive again.

I have waited for you,

Longing for you to notice me.

Allow me to place my arms around you,

As I kiss your lips with all my love.

Hoping you return my kiss willingly

Protecting me from being alone.

Your admirer from a distance

That's what I am

I wait for you,

as vulnerable as a lamb.

I long for your passion,

Wrap me in it's sweet hold.

Your arms, they will melt away this lonely cold.

In every poem I've ever written,

I'm always thinking you my love.

And hoping that you are happy,

Even though you are distance from me.

So much love I have to offer you,

You have only but to ask to feel it too.

Please come back to me, the one I once knew,

My Incubus, My dark, sweet one,

Please rescue me soon.

Angie AKA Mydarkest1



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