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September Update 1

OK I bought my keyboard and I thought we would be able to add it into our music but apparently we need a Sound Module to work it right on the PC? It never ends - I really want to add my own music to the mix but everything must be so complicated and pricey to play what you want. I already know I probably will never be able to afford what we really need - an electric drum set - but I think as long as we get the keyboard working we should be able to get some better music made I hope. I really hate my creativity being held back by the man (Money, lol). 

New Keyboard, programs, and such

​I just got a keyboard ect. coming in the mail for the band as well as a full version of Sony acid music studio and other recording stuff so we should be updating the sound as soon as they get here...

Face Book Page and Store

​We now have a "Reverb" music store in our Facebook page:

In which you can purchase our music on at:

I hope you will support my efforts as the programs cost money and are very frustrating/stressful at times...   


Adding lyrics - WOW

Ok I am doing pretty good figuring out the music programs and two instrumental songs have been created. One of them (the newest "Restless Undead Souls") is going to have lyrics and my vocals but man adding vocals is difficult; more so than making the music. It took me forever just recording and adding the chorus! I think I got it figured out as best I can do but damn. Its going to be frustrating but the final products make me feel rewarded and accomplished at least. Its always a learning experience... 




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