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Problems for Vampyres in today's society.
This is something I came across but fully agree with.

A Real problem that I feel All Vampyres have in today's society is Hollywoods view on the 'Vampire'.

Now yes to be honest, some of these Novels and Films may be entertaining but they are still utterly and completely wrong. (Some truth may very.)

I hardly believe that we burst into dust whenin sunlight (or sparkle like a fairy).
Not all of us were born with fangs.
We don't fly, except on plains. :p
We don't move super fast or do anything Super Human really.
There is no High council that makes laws that EVERY Vampyre must follow or anything like that, unless you just happen to be in a acult or super strick coven, but again it would only apply to those who were members not all.
I don't believe there is a war between Otherkin, Werewolves, Vampyres or anything of that nature.

I would like to think that I am a very open-minded person, but I have got to say I'm sure many would agree that the list I just wrote out speaks alot of truth.
idl, I guess this is just a rant.

(This link further explains problems in today's society for Vampyres.)
WHEN IS IT OUR DAY TOO? Tags: world goth day world vampire vampyre vampyr vampyres vampires



~ Question of the day: Today or technically yesterday but most goths don't actually start till after dark is (was) "World Goth Day" May 22. So my Question is when is "World Vampire Day"? I mean grilled guess even has a day for Pete's sake - April 12th, is apparently National Grilled Cheese Day? I heard it said a few places that November is our month? But couldn't find proof on that or that we have a day or month at all? Although I have also heard that June 14 was national Blood day? But that doesn't make it technically a Vampire day since that is not all that we are about really. So does anyone know if we have a day and if not - why the hell not? ~







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