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About The Temple and accusations we have received... Posted by Founding Father J P Vanir on February 24, 2011


About The Temple and accusations we have received...



The Vampyrian TempleUVUP has been accused of being a cult similar to Temple of the "Vampire" BUT I am very much against Temple of the "Vampire". However we DO NOT tell you what you must believe and then ban you for disagreeing; that is what cults do and we DO NOT do that. We have many different people with many different paths and although we do have a main outlining path we do not tell you you have to follow us to the nose. Nor do we steal you from your family and friends and give you poisonous fruit punch, LOL. 


We are an eclectic Vampyr Temple for Vampyrian Spirituality, Divinity, unity, support, & strength. The whole purpose is to unite and educate the Vampyr community on its abilities, capabilities, beginnings as well as focus on the spirituality of Vampyrism. Vampyrian Spirituality is based in Vampyrism as we are very Spiritual souls but we do not push our personal beliefs on anyone. We ask everyone to seek there own truth and find Spiritual truth for them selves. We do not even ask you to give us your money as that is for our dedicated members to help with such things if they are able. 


We even have our blogs, forums, and most groups open to public view as we are not secretive unlike cults. We are very open and honest and the information is there for everyone to see. Unfortunately there are several "Vampire" sites that will not let you see there site unless you first join the site and give them another number to be counted. They keep there information and knowledge hidden from the rest of the world and remain secretive. I understand protecting your members but that is usually considered CULT activity (as occult means secret and is the basis for the word cult) though some of theses group want to call me a cult leader I would NEVER do that as I believe the world has a tight to know and learn so they may understand and figure out if they are a kindred spirit...



***DISCLAIMER FROM FATHER JP VANIR: Unless I put © Founding Father J P Vanir I am NOT claiming that I wrote my posts on the site/network. We are a ECLECTIC (Universal) Temple and not everything here is my personal beliefs. I am a THEOLOGIST first and want my Temple to be open to know about ALL possible beliefs/religions/spiritualities. I DO NOT know it all but wish to teach what I have researched over the many years of my Spiritual awakening to the present. Thank you...


© Founding Father J P Vanir  



A little bit about Souls or Spirits and Psi-Feeding Tags: Vampyres energy Vampyrian Psi Feeding Soul Spirit Souls or Spirits Souls Spirits Shadow Realms Astral Feed


A little bit about Souls or Spirits and Psi-Feeding:  


1. What are Souls/Spirits and what we feed on:


Souls are one of the purest forms of energy as they are the human/animal essence and being. Nothing can actually be active or alive without either a soul or spirit. Souls are the true essence of a human/animal or plant where as a Spirit is the true essence of a being from the astral realms. Otherkin/Vampyres I now believe have Spirits not souls as our true essence is not human but an astral being from the Shadow realms. The soul is emotional energy as humans/animals are emotional beings and there emotions seem to run there lives which often tends to be there downfall. We as Vampyres actually do feed on either Emotions or Blood. I thought before this was incorrect as I thought Emotional Vampyres were parasites who made us all look bad but any type of Vampyre can make us all look ban no matter what they feed on as the news will tell you. The soul is emotional energy in its highest form as well as the core essence (life Force) of the human/animal being. Part of the soul essence also leaks out into the aura and then eventually it turns into ambient energy which is what most Vampyres tend to feed on.


Ambient energy is diluted and not as strong a direct feeding but is safer as it leaves us without much of a connection to those we feed on and does not hurt them. However we need to feed much more often this way or we may not remain healthy. Vampyres can also feed on Astral Spirits as well as other Vampyres or Other kin for a stronger source. I do not recommend under any circumstances feeding on other Vampyres! Fae and Therians have the best energy if they are willing to allow you to feed on them you would be one of the lucky. Most Therian do not seem to like Vampyres a lot of the time unfortunately. I do not support stealing energy from any of our fellow Otherkin Spirits but we must always ask first as they are family and do not get it back as easily as humans or animals do from the sun.


Elbert Einstein once said “Energy does not die but merely chances form” which has to do with reincarnation. Too many people believe that once we die are body rots and we are done. This is not true as nothing actually dies but either reincarnates into another body or goes to another realm depending on its chosen path. Even those who do not believe they are coming back do come back just in another body. The only way something will not come back is if it is consumed by another Spirit which would give that Spirit everything you once were and you will be no more. AGAIN I do not support things like this as this is murder in its truest form; at least if you just kill something they will come back or go to there chosen Spiritual realm however if you actually consume there soul or spirit they are truly no more except inside you but that is stealing energy in the worst way possible.  


2. A little about feeding:


As for deep or direct feeding your Life Force Giver’s or donors should be close friends or family as with any feeding there can be a connection and most certainly is with every deep feeding. Feeding is a natural process for most Vampyres and many do not know how to control it. When we do not have someone to deep feed on we will unknowingly feed on people we do not mean to or want to and this can be hard to stop as it is a natural survival technique for our inner Vampyre as well as our selves as if we do not feed it will feed on our human body and we will suffer; we will become sick or even get viruses and our natural organs may brake down as that has happened to me before I was aware of what I was. I also know of another Vampyre who has a major heart condition because of it and she tried to not feed but is now better once she started feeding. Many Vampyres have heart conditions and get migraines because of what we are and it only gets worse if we do not feed. Humans/animals/plants get there energy from the sun as well as what they eat but eating food ONLY feeds our human body but we need to feed the Vampyre or it will feed on us or it will do it naturally regardless. This is why we must choose who and where to feed as well as where to go.


Many Vampyres feed in the Astral while we are asleep or even awake if we can travel there while we are awake; either way we will because of what we are naturally go there as we sleep. Learning to control ourselves in the astral is not so easy but much about Astral feeding as well as other types of psi-feeding is talked about greatly in Michael W. Fords book “AKHKHAKUVampyre Magick (the extended Vampire gate). However we also need to feed in the physical realm as the Vampyre does need to feed quite a lot as our Spirit is a very strong entity in a small fragile body as that is why many of us go insane or can have some mental complications if we do not take care of our selves (Vampyre). If you take directly from one person that you do not know it could be bad as you will gain some of there emotional baggage or mental state if they have problems. It is best to just take from crowds as it is not actually stealing since it is technically ambient energy that would normally be left behind and it is a very little that no one will mess. REGARDLESS they will always get there energy back from the sun as well as the food they eat and humans have a great amount of energy that is why there energy is what we need. They will always get it back if you take from crowds and limit yourself as to not take too much; once they notice you need to stop as you have taken too much. Stealing energy is technically impossible as have to allow you to take it as it is connected to them and that is where the myth about Vampires needing an invitation came from.


In order to manually feed we need to focus on the location or body of the energy we want to take it from and will the energy into yourself; it is best to focus on crowds of people and not one person so it does not create a link or take too much from that one person as to hurt them. Your eyes are the best feature we have as “the eyes are the windows to the soul or spirit” (but they can be our downfall if not careful and other Vampyres take from you that way). So looking at the location or source where the energy is at often works best. However many also feed well using there hands like tendrils as a way closer to the area and they can also be used as an antenna of sorts. That is why I go to Goth bars, Goth nights, or Raves so I do not look strange dancing the way I do (LOL). I personally consider myself a Spiritual Energy Dancer which means I feed on the energies around me best while dancing. Dancing to me is when I am at my most spiritual state and it is easiest for the energies to come to me. Even listening to music adds in this as well. I now understand that every one of us has our own unique way or method of feeding; this may be why there are so many ways and methods of feeding. Another method is touch or smell but that is best to be used for direct or deep feeding and only with trusted friends or LFG’s/donors. Basically you touch them or smell them to extract the energy psychically.


© Vampyrian Father J P Vanir   




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