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About Me
dark souled person with a daemon heart

male , YES please , Heterosexual/Strait

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About Me
i am a Dark Deistic Daemonolator & Druid (ordained by Universal Ministries, where i hold other titles- Warrior Priest,& reg/cert Mystic, etc). I have graduated from Abaxion Complete course in Witchcraft & Magick (with a certificate & religious title of Lord). and from Flamel College with a Witch Practitioner Certificate. i worked in security for two decades (preferring the graveyard shift-like the sound of that time), i am nocturnal by nature, & practice protective magick.

My Interests
anything & everything occultic

My Favorite Music
heavy metal rob zombie inkubus sukubus

Who I would like to meet
Vlad Dracul

My Spirituality
dark deistic daemonolatry & druidism

What I consider myself
Other kin , Daimon , Human , Other

My Favorite Movies and TV shows
van helsing & i hate tv. i like horror movies, especially anything by christohper lee, & rob zombie (to bad they never made a movie together).

My Favorite Books
that is a tough one, i have read a lot. how about favorite authors: john j coughlin, raven digitalis, konstantinos, michael ford, anton levay, s connolly

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Only my kin can post.
Aug 8th 2012
Hail &welcome welcome. Thank you. Blessed be!
Jun 22nd 2012


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