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Dark Blessings


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Vampyre Female, Seeking friendship with other Vampyres and Otherkin interested in Vampyr Spirituality, Paranomal, Occult, Friendship

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Vampyres, Paranormal, Spirituality, Lillith, Horror Movies, Frendship, Nature.

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Instrumental Goth, Country, Metal

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Seeking friendship with other Vampyres and Otherkin

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Exorcist, The Stand, Dracula, The Vampire Diaries, Ghost Adventures, Braveheart,

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Sep 1st 2012

they are  psychic attack and mostly when i sleep he enters my dreams and chase me to    some woods  some gothic church some times   in to old abadon victoran house   he  has double side dagger   i think it called spider dagger is has pink hilt with  purple rose at the end but i black out wake bef ore i  get attacked not sure  what is means i now remember some thing blood bind but that is about it  and he has fangs


Aug 21st 2012

i am well  trying to find some place from vison that has been haunting me for while i know it new  york but not sure where then tonight   i feel like some trying to contral my body

Aug 3rd 2012

hi! hows it goin :-)

Jul 21st 2012


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