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looking for mentor

female , A Sexual

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i am female looking for friend ship disabled

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jewelry making paint read hiking fish camping

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new kids on the block

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sailor moon walker witch hunter robin

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Aug 22nd 2012

Dark Blessings, Bloody Angel,

Please if you are comfortable doing so, give more details about the experience that you are having. Such as how did it start? How is it attacking you? And all other ways to describe the situation. If needed use symbolic language. This I ask you that I may be able to have awareness of what you are experiencing.


Aug 21st 2012

Bloody Angel, I'm Victorya, Dark Blessings. How's all? 

Jul 28th 2012

  just want to say i  do not know but am  scared for my  life   but t here is psyco ex stalking me i do not k now what to do i done protection spells among other things to try to stop him  bind he br eaks it


Jul 26th 2012


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