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About Me
I am part German, Dutch, and Cherokee Indian. I am night person, Have a strong interest in the paranormal. I study many things to awaken the minds psychic abilities. I would like to meet people who are open minded that share with me similar interests.

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About Me
I am a psychic vampyre have been different since age of 4. ALways have been able to see, hear, sense, and sometimes smell things other could not. It seems no matter where I live spirits come to me even ones from acorss or down the street. I help my neighbors when they need healing or have problems with hauntings. ALso seem to be able to help those when vamping out by doing energy work.

My Interests
My interests: Psychic Vampirism, Ghosts, Astral traveling, Shaman Animal Totems, Telekinesis, Psionics, Radionics, Metaphysics, EVP's, Transcommunication, Energy Manipulation, Quantum Touch Healing, Empathy, Dowsing, Tele Hypnosis programs, Brain wav generator programs, Parapsychology, Arch Angels, Spirit guides, Lunar fazes, Solar geometric storms, Or gone generators, Making psychic tools from blue prints online, Herbs, Crystals, Chakras, Ancient occult texts, Remote Viewing, Auras, Clairvoyance, Clair audience, Vampiric necromancy, Magick,Muscle testing, tapping, Lucid dreaming, succubus/ incubus experiences. I like to study many things constantly seeking input.

Who I would like to meet
Someone who is more advanced than me someone who can tell me how to control many abilities that have awakened in me. I want to know how to help spirits cross over so they can be at peace for they seem to find me out and always get voices and photos of them asking for help. I am not afraid of them just am not sure how to communicate better. How do you link more with spirits like animal totems? My main totem showed up connected to me in a photo was a bat, other totems are moth and wolf. I would love to talk to a shaman elder one day. One who knows about shifting for I have been able to do strange things in astral /trance states. I would like to learn more how to control my dark side when I am low energy. Things happen lights go out blow out streetlights when I pass. I seem to be quite electrical.

My Spirituality
I do not follow any one religion as I moslty use free will and at times have tried evil eye but do no longer as I have had to live with consequences.

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