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About Me
Trying to firgure out what I am or what's wrong with me....


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About Me
I am a divorced mother of 2. My whole life I never really felt as though I belong... I'm a very sensitive and emotional person. I can sense when things are going to happen. I even have dreams sometimes that come true. One day a few yrs ago I heard a phrase "physic vamire"... or feeding off of emotions. Negative emotions of other people affect me to the point that I can become physically ill.... while positive emotions elate me. I guess I just want to know why things around me affect me in ways that they don't other people.

My Interests
Anything other worldly

My Favorite Music
Everything from opera to heavy metal

Who I would like to meet
I don't really admire people or celebrities to the. Point that I wish to meet them.none

What I consider myself
Just ME

My Favorite Movies and TV shows
Ghost stories, ancient astronauts, a haunting....

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