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About Me
Council Elder/Spiritual Mother Yspnixuss Nexxus Mlh Saviongour

male , female , YES please , Bisexual , Lesbian , Poly amorous

My Relationship Status
In a Relationship , Married , Soul-bonded , Committed , Open Relationship , Poly amorous

My location and IM
DC queenkae30 YIM

About Me
I am a Theistic Satanist. That means i believe in Satan as a deity, entity, essence, core essence.,.every damn thing. I am a Sanguine Vampire. That means I drink blood. Don't like it than fuck you, didn't ask for your opinion. I am a Witch. I practice witchraft, enough said. I perfer people who send friend requests to be Satanic, Vampriric or on the Left Hand Path. Anything else I would have to see. I hate bullshit and will not hesitate to unfreind and block your ass. I have been doing it alot. I am a Counselor, but due to bullshit I shut that shit down. Only my kin can get advice and for me to help them. I hate people who scream about what they can do. Sit down and shut the fuck up cause noone cares. I am blunt, don't like it....again fuck off :) I am poly and I am in two relationships. So please, don't try to get up in the mix. Most likely you are not wlecomed, and well get cussed out. Females this goes for you too. Pussy or dick it doesn't matter. I am a Biotechnician and a licensed Cosemotlogist specailaizing in Color,Makeup Artistry, and Nails. I am currently in school pursuing my BA in Organizational Management with a minor in Logistic Management. I spent four years in the Army as a Nuclear, Biological and Chemcial Decontamination Specialist; I have been overseas before, during and after 9/11, I traveled the world...seen plenty of shit that most of you are to pussy to see. I have survived explosions, vehicles over turning, and driving off cliffs. I am a rough bitch. I have common sense, and street smarts. I am far from stupid, so don't take me as such. I may seem quiet and nice, but I am a bitch, Scorpion bitch at that. Tread lightly. Also I am NOT accepting anyone who is a Roman Catholic or any other Abrahamic faith for you have proven to be on bullshit! Other so called Occult people....you will be watched and placed on standby until I am sure you are not on bullshit, Enjoy :) Council Member and Spiritual Mother at Temple UVUP Webowner Satanic Spiritual Philosophy Blog Webowner SSP Book Review Blog Webowner Wicked Occult Classes Webowner Mystique Origins of Expressions Occult Shoppe Owner/Operator The Black Swan Occult Shoppe Probationer/Member at Large at Brotherhood of Satan Blogger at Legion for Satan

My Interests
Bringing my people together, Beauty and Science

My Favorite Music
Anything with a good soul grabbing beat

My Website

My Spirituality

What I consider myself
Vampyr , Goddess/God , Human

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Apr 6th

Hey beau Good Morning sis!!!! 

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