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A Little Bit About Energy and Feeding (From the Vampyrian Shadow Books: Beginnings)


 A Little Bit About Energy and Feeding:


         The energy we need is best taken from humans since we are also human but other sources of energy can be used as well such as Nature and Music. 



Chakras are the Energy Centers of the body, each relate to specific power points in which one may utilize to grow in power. Chi is all around us so we must take it in and grow strong and healthy from it. You may also focus on these to drain others during Vampyric workings. The eye is the window of the soul and also represents the soul so we must there for use it to take in what we need. There is human energy and life force in blood. There is also plasma in blood which is energy.


         Food is energy for Animals (humans); carbohydrates and sugar is fast acting energy and proteins are long acting energy. Plasma is also protein and protein fuels carbohydrates which is energy in blood. As well as that many religions would use blood in there rituals and claim it as the energy and life of themselves or others. So does that make Sanguine Vampyres Psychic as well? It would stand to reason to expect it is best for Vampyres to be present at events where there is much of this energy available such as sporting events, church, and rock concerts. The very act of worshiping provides us with energy and even religious gatherings are a welcome buffet for us...




Astral Vampyrism is often done during your sleeping hours (more complicated) or your targets sleeping hours (best results). You can also do this while you are awake for easier projection. For best results strong focus is a must especially a connection of some sort with your victim though see him or her once and having a strong picture of them or a personal possession of the target will also work. An object of focus to imagine as the target may also work or to send the object out to take the targets energy for you may work well for you too.


A Strong will or an extremely focused mind is most important to feed by Astral Vampyrism. The Vampyr must focus on there Target or victim and imagine there inner soul or being feeding on the target by piercing his or hers key energy points. There are many points explained in several cultures but the main key points are: 


1. Spirit or Soul: The highest point of energy located in the third eye or head…


2. Pranic Center: The next highest point of energy located in the heart area of the individual….


3. Tantric: A very high energy point of Tantric or sexual vampyres located around the genitalia…  


        There are several methods of Astral feeding to enhance the amount of Life force or Energy you get as well as effect the way the Target, Victim, or Life Giver perceives this Feeding. These methods often charges up a great amount of energy as it awakens strong emotions in you target or victim.


            1. Night Terror* or Fear Factor: This method is used to terrorize    or scare your target or victim and they often believe they are having a nightmare (Fear as well as pain are very strong source of energy)… 


        2. Tantric Eroticism*:  A method using sexual overtones or having sex with your Target during your night feedings (Sex and orgasm is a very strong source of energy)…   


        3. Ritual or Dramatic*: Using ritual symbolism or dramatic over tones to your night visitation during
feeding. (These can also release high energy levels)…     


© Vampyrian Father J P Vanir of TempleUVUP

Published:Oct 1st 2011
Modified:Jun 12th 2012


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