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A little bit about the difference between Vampyres and humans (from new book):

The stories in the book of Enoch the Fallen Angels and The Nephilim are the oldest, then after those came Lilith of which I believe as our beginnings. Therefore Vampyres unlike what many want to believe is NOT a human condition or virus; this is why I use the inverted pentagram in my sigil (medallion). Although the Pentagram is a nature symbol in the Pagan Spirituality; it represents mankind as well in other faiths (as shown below) and the inverted Pentagram most likely represents Otherkin (Vampyres) such as us; this is my personal belief. 


* Bessy Interior Pentagrams - located in the Bessy book English edition 


I am of course human as well as Vampyr but I choose to embrace my Vampyr nature because of the various choices most humans seem to make to destroy the only earth and its inhabitants around them; as well as there fellow human kind. I do not condone killing, however I do have a strong negative opinion of killing for sport as well as destroying there environment for overpopulation for capitalism. Not to mention the various chemicals they create to make themselves pretty, eat delicious outdoor food, and get where they need to go that in turn harming the ozone layer that was meant to protect us from the harmful UV rays. There are good people out there but the mass majority does not give me much hope for the race in general. The worst thing that destroys humanity is there emotions which is weakness and drags them down. It also affects us that we (Vampyres) feed on emotions and are very sensitive to them; we must be careful of powerful emotions such as depression, anger, and hate because they are our weakness and can harm us very negatively. 


© Vampyrian Father J P Vanir of TempleUVUP

Published:Oct 3rd 2011
Modified:Jun 12th 2012


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