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Well nothing really has happened in the last week since my last blog. 
Other than my mum and Tia wanting to throw me a good bye party. Decided to have it at my Nana's apartment complex because there are grills, picnic benches, pool and we can use Nana's fridge to cool stuff while we get the coolers and ice. 
As far as food mum said whatever is on sale. So I'm guessing either hamburgers and hotdogs or carne asada and pollo asada. 
Personally I don't really care as long as I get to make puff pastries. Weeee! I'm prolly gonna make the pastry cream the night before that way it'll be set and ready for piping once the puff pastry shells are cool. 
Aside from that I went to Old Town yesterday with Moose. We went to the (in)Famous Whaley House. I took a shit ton of pictures with my digital camera. It was pretty awesome to see how people lived in San Diego, CA about 100 or so years ago. 
I was totally in love with the tea sets and china that was in the house. 
There were only two "rooms" in the house that I felt uncomfortable being near since we weren't allowed inside the rooms. It was the study and one of the bedrooms for the girls. Aside from that there wasn't much else other than feeling slightly claustrophobic because the house (despite being called a Manor) was really tiny and there was a good hand full of people in there as well. 
As far as it being haunted I'm pretty sure that it's been so long that the Whaley's spirits have just faded into time as most spirits of really old haunted houses. 
All in all it was a good time, cheap admission. For both me and Moose it was an even 12$. Slightly informative and just great for having a good time. 
Then after the Whaley house we went to a small cemetery that  about a block or so away. We took pictures of the graves and chilled for a bit. 
After that we hiked back up to Moose's car and stopped by some old Victorian houses. And fuuuuu they were beautiful. Amazing works of architecture of the time. Then she and I talked about getting a few more friends and going to buy a few acres of land out in the forest and have ourselves a little Victorian style village. 
That's when I started getting hungry. We first went to Denny's but the waitress took forever (I think she forgot about us) and then we went to In-n-Out (I'm so gonna miss their burgers when I'm out in PA) where Moose got a milk shake and I got a burger. Then she decided to go to Mc(Whities)Donalds so we could plug in my laptop to look at the pictures we took. But alas when we got there were no outlets. So I got a soda and she got a burger. We chilled for a bit more and then dropped me off. 
I finished reviewing my pictures that I took and was a bit sad to see some of them came out blurry because my camera was autofocusing. But the majority of them came out awesome. The only anomalies in the pictures were mostly reflections of myself, Moose or other people as well as light reflecting off the glass that keeps the rooms in pristine condition and light reflecting off shiny surfaces from the light, camera flash and other cameras.
That was a major bummer but still I got great photos. 
Also Owner got a new case for my iPoot which is so awesome and three of the new Tama-Go Tamagotchis. I'm having so much fun with just one. (Long story short the screwdriver I used to unscrew the green one now won't unscrew the blue or white ones its just weird). 
Anyways I guess that's about it for now. 
Until next time my deviously deviant fishies.

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