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The Dangers of not feeding properly:


Many Vampyres have become sick or even terminally ill because of not feeding enough. Some have even had to be on a transplant list because there heart was shutting down. So many cannot understand why or even want to believe it and many even will not feed because they are afraid of hurting other people. Though it is now a well taught practice to make sure you constantly feed ambiently so as not to take too much from any one person but as I have written not too long ago they get it back more easily than we do. We cannot take from some of the same sources they can (The Sun) and we run low quicker because we are on a higher energy metabolism than most ordinary living things. So WE MUST FEED OFTEN or we may suffer greatly for it. So why might it be that it hurts us so greatly if we do not feed? Most would say we have an energy deficiency and cannot make it on our own BUT I have a different theory:


If we do not feed on other sources, preferably Human, our Inner Vampyr (Spirit) begins to feed on our Human body (We feed on ourselves for the lack of a better term). Luckily we naturally feed on ambient energies as a survival technique we all have whether we realize it or not; otherwise we not survive. Yes not feeding can kill us and our body would shut down if we didn’t. Some do not believe this because they do not understand that we do need more than we claim though it is about imposable for our human body to take in the amount of blood we may need so we are all hybrid all though some get better energy from one source while another gets a better fill from another type. I am not one of those Vampyres who belittle other Vampyres by claiming that Sanguis Vampyres are less evolved than Psychic Vampyres since I believe we are all Hybrids anyways and I also am Sanguis as well as Psychic (Blood is a rare luxury theses days) so please don’t think this way. All I am saying is we must adapt to survive and a little bit of blood (esp. only taking it in ever few weeks of once a month) is never truly enough for any Vampyr though it is the popular belief; We all Naturally Psychically feed to get what we are lacking as our survival technique…  


© Vampyrian Father J P Vanir 

Published:Oct 3rd 2011
Modified:Oct 3rd 2011


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