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Who is Aylin Silver-Moon?

I guess I will start off with how I came about choosing my name (which in full is, Aylin Rue Silver-Moon). Rue is the magickal name I was given at

birth by my mother, who at the time was Wiccan. Rue is considered a magical flower and herb. I was named after both, just the Rue (Of the citrus family) family in general. In short, Rue can be used in healing but too much of it can be deadly. Here is an excerpt of the best description I could find on it;


Ruta graveolens L.
Family: Rutaceae (citrus family)
Common Names: ~Garden Rue~ ~ Herb of Grace~ ~Herb of Repentance~

Native to the Mediterranean region, the plant name can be traced back to
Latin ruta and Greek rhyteé, but it is not related to English rue ~remorse~ The
Latin species name, which rue shares with several other aromatic plants like
celery or dill, means ~strongly smelling~ Latin gravis ~heavy~ and olens

Known as Herb of Grace, because its branches were once used by Catholic
priests to sprinkle holy water. Rue is mentioned as a culinary herb in the New
Testament and was a very common spice in ancient Rome. It is a good drought
tolerant plant and has attractive yellow flowers. Rue's fragrance is strong,
aromatic and sweet.

Rue is the national flower of Lithuania and is known as the Herb of
Repentance. It has also been referred to as the plant of patience and endurance
as one rue plant could live for hundreds of years. It symbolizes virginity and
plays an important role in wedding ceremonies. The bride usually wears a wreath
of rue. For centuries, it has been the custom for Lithuanians to carry rue
seeds with them when migrating. It was also believed that the leaves could refresh
the mouth, cure hysteria, gout, relieve pain and aid with bee stings and spider
bites as well as being an aphrodisiac. Although rue, is quite bitter to taste,
it has been used in salads. It has also been used as a flavoring in beer, fish
sauces and omelets. In Italy it is used for flavouring brandy and liquors.

Cabbage and some herbs such as sage and basil do not grow well with rue.
Wives tales have been written about how rue planted beside sage can make it
positively poisonous.

Although Rue is now a part of my chosen name, It’s a recent addition (or completion actually) to my name, before it was merely a nickname only used by close family members.

Silver-Moon is the oldest part to my name. At the age of thirteen (ironic huh?) I was still living in a very closed world, taught to me by a former coven. Their tradition was that at the age of thirteen a member of their coven could either continue as an apprentice in the coven or go solitary. Actually, I left the coven years before this but it was the only teachings and traditions I knew at the time so I stuck with a bit of it. I went through (lol) so many fricking names..Every once in awhile I will come across an old notepad sheet with variations of the name
scribbled all over the place. But once I had settled on a name, it felt right. The Silver part is a long explanation that goes hand in hand with the Moon part. I have absolutely no desire towards gold, it represents sun magic and I hate the sun lol. When I wear gold I always feel tired and not to my full “charge” if you will. But silver is a representation of moon magic. I consider myself to be a child of the moon. All my workings involve the moon, even if it’s as simple as doing my workings at night. I’m very connected to the moon as I always have been. Countless family members have always told me how I never was awake during the day. I preferred to be up when the moon was out. I also believe that my strength comes directly from the moon and in turn, My Dark Mother Lilith. Silver-Moon is also the name I use to sign any of my artwork as well as the name I write my personal book of shadows under.

Aylin was the second addition to my name. It literally means in Turkish “Moon Halo”. Simple, but when I came across the name it just clicked and has been by chosen first name ever since.

Choosing a name for me; is a very long process that can take years to decide on. My own full name took me 7
years to fully develop and I’m still feeling it out to make sure it’s right. I think that when someone does figure out their full chosen name, it just clicks. Best way I can describe it and unless you’ve had that feeling it can’t really
be described. You’ll know it when it happens.

There is a ritual I know of to make your chosen name known to whatever Deities you work with and is supposed
to be taken as serious as one would a soul bonding. I haven’t done mine yet, simply because I’m waiting for a certain day. However, I don’t think its necessary but could be a nice symbolism. If anyone is interested in it, I
wouldn’t mind sending it to them, just contact me.

Some nicknames I’m known by are: Bitten (looong story behind that one), Rue, Kitten, Luigi Alawishes Mahoney Bologna (name given to me at birth by my grandfather, don’t judge lol) and Poptart. I have tons of others, but those are the most commonly used.

Now, for the WHY part of why I’m writing this. Well, for a while now I have been yearning to contribute my
thoughts in some way to the Temple, but personally believe my knowledge on various subjects can already be found (and probably at a higher level) already in the forums. So I figured I would give a little bit of information on myself and share a little bit of my beliefs. Perhaps my thoughts, might strike someone else’s.

The journey to my path has been a very, interesting one. I was born to a Wiccan mother, who changed
spiritualities and beliefs constantly depending on how bad her goddess pissed her off. My grandmother is the same way so I guess it was a learned trait. I myself have been exposed to many paths. I experienced a Christian life with my grandmother (of which I was kicked out of several Sunday school classes for
questioning pretty much everything, her church even tried to exorcise me ha!). On my mother’s end I was exposed to a Wiccan, Celtic, Native American Indian, Buddhist, Polynesian name a few.. While I may have been exposed to these paths, I never held on to much of the teachings because I personally never agreed with them.

Since a young age, I myself always had a feeling of not belonging. The things I was taught I could understand
but it was not right. I’m sure I don’t need to explain that feeling to anyone here [Insert Smile]. Because I grew up in a spiritual environment, things like tarot reading (which I’ve been doing since I was nine with the same deck), empathy abilities, astral projection, seeing apparitions, and visions were never “odd” or taboo topics at home. This is probably why it took me as long as it did to become aware of my Vampyre nature.

I am a Goth and a Freak, I don’t really care on someone's opinion about this because I don’t allow people to tell me what I am and what I’m not. I have a pretty loud Freak Flag and I’m proud to fly it [insert impish grin]. There’s not much more to know about me that can’t already be found on my profile or simply asked.

My Path is Eclectic and as always I am researching. For the moment being my main focus is on Egyptian
Spirituality. Learning is a lifelong adventure for me and I am always researching something to better expand my knowledge.

This is all I have to say so far, I will probably add more as time progresses.

Dark Blessings,



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